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Chris Campbell founded Camping Canopy in 2023 to help fellow outdoor enthusiasts find the best gear and tips for their camping trips.

Camping Canopy was born out of my love for the great outdoors and countless camping trips in the beautiful wilderness of Colorado. I’m Chris Campbell, a Boulder native who has been exploring the Rockies since childhood. My experiences in various camping scenarios and the knowledge I gained about gear and techniques inspired me to create Camping Canopy. I hope you’ll find my website helpful in planning your next outdoor adventure.

Chris Campbell

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At Camping Canopy, we serve as your guide in the vast world of camping gear and outdoor essentials. Our platform is packed with a wealth of resources and content:

  • Expert Insights & Advice: Benefit from my personal stories and knowledge to better understand camping gear, outdoor skills, and adventure planning.
  • In-Depth Articles: Immerse yourself in carefully crafted articles that explore the details, uses, and importance of various gear and techniques.
  • Gear Reviews: Stay informed with our comprehensive reviews of a wide range of camping gear, helping you understand their features and benefits.
  • Community: Join our growing community of camping enthusiasts and nature lovers. It’s a place to share stories, ask questions, and find inspiration.

Camping Canopy is here to be your trusted resource, whether you’re a seasoned camper, a nature lover, or someone just starting to explore the joys of the outdoors. It’s important to note that we aren’t a gear retailer; our primary focus is on providing knowledge and insights. We believe that the ultimate camping tool is knowledge itself.

So, lace up your hiking boots, grab your backpack, and join us on this exciting journey. We’re thrilled to welcome you to the Camping Canopy community!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Camping Canopy is a hiking and backpacking website that offers a treasure trove of resources for trail adventurers, outdoor lovers, and backpacking beginners. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive.

For a hiking trip, you should pack the ten essentials: navigation tools, sun protection, insulation (extra clothing), illumination (headlamp/flashlight), first-aid supplies, fire-starting tools, repair kit and tools, nutrition (extra food), hydration (extra water), and emergency shelter.

When choosing a backpack, consider the duration of your trip, the volume of gear you need to carry, the fit (torso length and hip size), and features like ventilation, pockets, and hydration compatibility.

To stay safe, always plan your route and inform someone about your itinerary, check the weather forecast, stay on marked trails, be aware of wildlife, carry a map and compass or GPS device, and have a basic knowledge of first aid.

Practice Leave No Trace principles, which include planning ahead and preparing, traveling and camping on durable surfaces, disposing of waste properly, leaving what you find, minimizing campfire impacts, respecting wildlife, and being considerate of other visitors.